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Hooks: Actions and filters


mplus_intercom_subscription_cf_before_submit Runs before the user is created on Intercom. Arguments: ($inter_fields, $form, $referrer, $process_id, $entryid)
mplus_intercom_subscription_cf_after_submit Runs after the user is created on Intercom. Arguments: ($user_info, $form, $referrer, $process_id, $entryid)
mplus_intercom_subscription_cf_panel_fields_extensions Runs after Intercom Subscription panel settings fields. Arguments: ($element)
mplus_intercom_subscription_cf_fields_extensions Runs after Caldera form fields Intercom settings. Arguments: ($config)


mplus_intercom_subscription_cf_submitter_fields Filter used when sending values for Intercom request. Arguments: ($inter_fields)
mplus_intercom_subscription_cf_panel_extensions Filter used when adding extra settings panels. Arguments: ($panels)
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