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Uninstalling the plugin

If for reason you do not wish to continue using Copernica or our integration plugin, you can follow this article to uninstall it from your website.

It is always recommended to keep a backup before changing anything major in the website. Please do a backup of your website before continuing just in case anything goes wrong.

To Uninstall:

  1. Go to WP Admin – Plugins
  2. Find the Copernica plugin from 79mplus
    Copernica plugin in WordPress Admin
  3. Click the Deactivate option under the item
    Copernica Uninstall
  4. Now, there should appear a Delete option under the plugin entry. If you are absolutely sure that you will not use this plugin anymore, then you can click on this option as well.
    Delete Copernica Plugin from WordPress Admin

    It is always a good practice to Delete an unused and Deactivated plugin. You can read the details here.

Following these steps will remove the plugin from your WordPress installation.

Please note that this does not remove the user records from the Copernica.com panel. Please act accordingly according to your policy on how to deal with those records from the Copernica panel.

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