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Intercom Subscription – Base Plugin

This is the Documentation for the Intercom Subscription – Base plugin. For Add On plugins, please visit their own Documentations.

Our Intercom Subscription plugin connects WordPress installation with the Intercom API. Intercom is a mailing list API which has many useful features and a comprehensive dashboard for fine-tuned control over subscriptions.

The plugin lets you put a form on your preferred page on WordPress and lets your users get subscribed to your Intercom backend. Then it gets easy to manage them from Intercom Dashboard. The plugin takes care of all the API requests under the hood.

By default, it comes with the above functionality, which is enough for many. But this plugin can be extended with many Extensions or Add ons available from us. Documentation for them is separate from this one.

This is a documentation to get you started with this Base plugin. Use the following links to get more information.

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