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The plugin can be installed from WP Admin or Manually, similar to any other plugin.

Please note that you would need to have the Base Plugin installed and configured in order for this extension to work.

Note: You would also need to have the Elementor Pro plugin installed for this addon to work.

From WP Admin:

  1. Download the Elementor addon zip file from
  2. Go to WP Admin – Plugins – Add New, then click Upload Plugin
  3. Browse the plugin zip file
  4. Then Activate the plugin

Manual Way:

  1. Download the WPForms addon file from
  2. Extract it
  3. Upload the plugin directory on wp-content/plugins
  4. Activate Mplus Intercom Subscription – Elementor plugin from WP Admin – Plugins

Activating the Plugin

  • Collect your WPForms Addon API Key information from the email you got after checkout.
  • Go to WP Admin -> Intercom Subscription -> License Activation.

weForms Addon Activation Section on WP Admin

  • You will see a list of tabs for each addon installed. There should be a tab named Elementor. Click it.

  • Put in your details and click Save Changes

If everything goes fine, you should see Activated next to API Key Status.

You will need to configure the plugin as well to make it work. Without the configuration, it might not work.

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