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After installing the plugin properly, you can concentrate on configuring it to your liking.

  • Create a WPForm form if you have not created one yet.
  • Go into your form’s Edit screen from WP Admin – WPForms.

  • Please make sure that there is a field of Checkbox type in the form. We will need it later for consent checkbox. (If you are not sure how to add a checkbox field, you can learn more here.)
  • Go to Settings tab and then Intercom Subscription section.

  • Select Yes on Subscription Enable to enable Intercom Subscription for this form. For Subscription Type, you can either select User or Lead. (If you are not sure which one to choose, learn more here.) Select a checkbox form field on Subscribe to Intercom Field to make it work as the subscription confirm checkbox. Note: If you don’t select a Checkbox field, the addon is not going to work.
  • Enter the Intercom attribute names under Intercom Attribute Mapping section. Check the Check If This Field Is Custom Field. checkbox if you are using a custom attribute.
  • Click Save at the top to save your settings.
  • Go to WP Admin – WPForms. Now copy and paste the code under Shortcode  column for your form on a page or post.

Company Integration with Intercom

You can add a Company field that will show a drop down containing all the registered Companies in your Intercom account. When a user fills in the field, he will be listed under that company on your Intercom Dashboard. It makes it easier for you to group and manage your users.

This is totally optional and you may use this only if your website needs it. To add this field, just make sure you are on WPForms Edit page – Fields – Add Fields section, then drag and drop the Company item from the list on the left to where you want this to be placed on the form.

You can either set this field as required or not required by clicking on the company field on the right and checking or unchecking the Required checkbox on the left sidebar.

After you made your changes to the form, click Save.

For your users on the frontend, it will display a field similar to this:

You should now be able to use the WPForm form and let your users get listed on Intercom. It is recommended to test on the frontend like a user before you offer the form to users.

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