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After installing the plugin properly, you can concentrate on configuring it to your liking.

  • Create a Caldera form if you have not created one yet.
  • Go into your form’s Edit screen from WP Admin – Caldera Forms – Forms.

  • On the Edit screen, you can go to Intercom Subscription tab.

Subscription Enable – You can enable the functionality of Caldera addon by checking the checkbox. If you want to disable it for the form, you can uncheck the checkbox.

Subscription Type – You can choose if the new subscriber would be a User or a Lead. Most of the times you will be ok if you choose User. You can learn more about which one to choose here.

  • You can then continue to the Layout tab and configure the fields. To enable intercom for a field, click on the pencil icon next to a field.
  • You will find some settings to the right of your screen.

Set the Slug to the name of the Intercom attribute. Note: The slug should be same as the intercom attribute. Otherwise the field value will not placed to the attribute.

Also, check Intercom Field checkbox to allow it to record the field value on Intercom.

Please check Checked If Intercom Custom Field if the attribute is a custom one.

  • Click Save Form at the top to save your settings.
  • To add the form to a page or post, go to WP Admin – Caldera Forms – Forms, select the form you want, put your mouse cursor over it and click the Get Shortcode and copy the code.

  • Paste the shortcode that copied earlier on your page or post body.

Company Integration with Intercom

You can add a Company field that will show a drop down containing all the registered Companies in your Intercom account. When a user fills in the field, he will be listed under that company on your Intercom Dashboard. It makes it easier for you to group and manage your users.

This is totally optional and you may use this only if your website needs it. To add this field just follow the instructions:

  • Go to the form’s Edit page.
  • Drag the Add Field button to where you want the Company field to appear.
  • Select Special from left, then click the Set Field button beside Company item.
  • The Company field will be created. Now set a Name for the field from the right sidebar. (Note: Dragging the field will not work unless you have a Name set for the field. If you don’t have anything showing up on the right sidebar, hover your mouse over the field and click the pencil icon.)
  • The new field maybe added at the bottom. You can drag the field up or down if it is not in expected position.

This will add a new Company field on the form.

You can either set this field as required or not required by clicking on the pencil icon when you hover your mouse over the company field.

After you made your changes to the form, click Save Form.

For your users on the frontend, it will display a field similar to this:

You should now be able to use the Caldera form and let your users get listed on Intercom. It is recommended to test on the frontend like a user before you offer the form to users.

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